CampFare - FAQ

CampFare - FAQ

What is Campfare?

Campfare is a line of fully-hydrated, ready to eat meals which prepare in only 1-2 minutes. All meals are shelf-stable and require no refrigeration. Great for camping, home use and disaster prepping. 

Is there a special technology or processing used to make fully hydrated meals shelf stable? 

Yes! We use retort pouching which is a multi-layer pouch which we fill with delicious food and then pressure cook to render everything shelf-stable. No use of chemicals or preservatives. 

What is the shelf life of Campfare products?

The shelf life varies by item. Here is a guide:

Beef Burgundy / Chicken Tikka: 5yrs

Wild Salmon: 7yrs

Rice and Quinoa: 2yrs

Is Campfare gluten-free?

All of our meals are naturally gluten free. This means that while the meals do not contain gluten or gluten containing ingredients, they are not made in a gluten free facility.