CampFare - FAQ

CampFare - FAQ

What is Campfare?

Campfare is a line of fully-hydrated, ready to eat meals which you can eat straight from the pouch. They prepare by heating the entire pouch in hot/ boiling water for 2 minutes. We are not freeze dried or dehydrated. No do not have to add water to the pouches. All meals are shelf-stable for many years and require no refrigeration.

Great for camping, home pantry and disaster preparedness / prepping. 

What is the shelf life of Campfare products?

The shelf life varies by item. Here is a guide:

Beef Burgundy / Chicken Tikka: 5yrs

Wild Salmon: 7yrs

Rice and Quinoa: 2yrs

Tuna Ventresca: 4yrs

Is there a special technology or processing used to make fully-hydrated meals shelf stable? Are there preservatives in Campfare?

We use retort pouching which is a multi-layer pouch which we fill with delicious food and then pressure cook to render everything shelf-stable. No use of chemicals or preservatives. 

What are the preparation instructions?

Heating is always optional for our products but for some occasions it's nice to have a warm or hot meal. In this case, we recommend heating the pouches in simmering water or boiling water for 2 minutes. How hot you prefer the meal is up to you, so if the meal is not hot enough after this we advise letting the pouch sit in the heated water for an extra minute or two until the desired temp is reached.

Pro tip: if heating with limited water or limited gas situation you may use a small amount of water (1/2 -1 cup) for a super quick boil, put pouch into water, then turn the gas off and cover the stove with a lid if possible and allow the pouch to steep in the heated water for a few minutes or until you are ready to eat. The pouch will keep heating as long as the water is hot. This method has worked well for us on numerous occasions when conserving gas. Also don't be afraid to heat more than one pouch at a time! 

Microwaving is possible but you must remove the contents from the foil pouch first into a microwavable dish. 

You may heat the contents directly in a pan if desired. 


Is Campfare gluten-free?

All of our meals are naturally gluten free. This means that while the meals do not contain gluten or gluten containing ingredients, they are not made in a gluten free facility.