Ready to Eat vs. Freeze-Dried

Ready-to-eat vs. freeze-dried camp food – which is the better choice for your next camping trip? In this blog from CampFare, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of ready-to-eat and freeze-dried meals.

Freeze-Dried Food

Freeze-dried food is different from dehydrated food because dehydrating removes only about 80% of the water, while freeze-drying takes about 98%. That’s why freeze-dried food may be a good choice for long-term disaster preparedness. That’s if you don’t care about the quality of the food you will eat. Freeze-dried food can be prepared in about ten to twenty minutes using hot or cold water. Unfortunately, freeze-dried meals are highly processed and take some effort to prepare because you have to stir in water and wait for them to rehydrate. The end result is a meal which is ok, but certainly not gourmet in any sense. Also there will likely be some ingredients which do not fully reconstitute, leading to hard, dry pieces of food (chicken cubes, veg, etc.) Between the wait time and the food quality it’s a less than ideal food for tired backpackers, tent campers and especially for those who love gourmet cooking. Also these meals are notoriously high in sodium. To achieve the ultra long shelf life they have a lot of sodium added as a preservative which can make you feel bloated and just not very well after eating.


CampFare Premium Meals are an excellent ready-to-eat option for tent campers, car campers, RV / Van life and 1-4 night backpackers who love gourmet food and are looking for a higher quality camping meal. Campfare is minimally processed and made with the finest ingredients. The meals are not high in sodium and have no preservatives or fillers. Finally a camping meal that is not like eating astronaut food! Heating the meals is always optional but if desired, all you need to do is heat 1-2 cups of water, place the entire pouch in the water for two minutes, then remove and eat straight from the pouch! With options like Beef Burgundy with Field Vegetables, Chicken Tikka Masala with French Green Lentils, and Wild Alaskan Salmon, you’ll look forward to eating around the campfire more than ever. Higher quality and both quicker and easier to prepare than a dried meal.

CampFare meals are designed by chef and camping enthusiast Andrew Sarda so you can expect a far superior dining experience than the typical freeze-dried or dehydrated camp meal. All CampFare meals are made in retort pouches and are shelf-stable. They contain no chemicals or preservatives. You don’t need to add any water to rehydrate them because they’re already fully-hydrated and truly ready-to-eat. CampFare meals will last between two and seven years in storage (no refrigeration needed, ever) depending on the meal, so they’re a great choice for disaster preparedness. Imagine having “emergency food” that you will actually want to eat! Take the meals camping and also food that is good enough for a quick meal at home. For gourmet ready-to-eat camp food, look for CampFare Premium meals!