Introducing CampFare - Fully Hydrated Ready to Eat Camping Meals

Well after many years of sitting on the sidelines, I finally decided to make a better, tastier and easier to prepare camping meal called CampFare. Our meals are what we call "fully hydrated" and ready to eat. Much higher in quality than a freeze dried meal, not a sodium bomb and free of chemicals and preservatives.

They totally take the hassle and work out of meal planning and meal prep. A super delicious shelf stable meal that you actually want to eat! Way better than freeze-dried, dehydrated or dried camping meals! Way better than a military MRE and none of the extra stuff you probably don't want anyways (crackers, jellies, plastic ware napkin sets?!). 

I am a chef and an outdoorsman and these meals feature my recipes! Clean label ingredients! Meals prepare in just 2 minutes by heating the entire pouch directly in hot / boiling water for 2 minutes. So easy, so good. 

Since our meals are fully-hydrated and ready to eat straight from the pouch, they do weigh a few more ounces than our dried meal counterparts. And that's ok! You may not want to have Campfare for every meal on a 12 day back packing trip if you are ounce counting but for a 1-4 night trip we have you covered. We have had some folks complement their dried meal repetition with Campfare just to get a reprieve from their dried meals like on night 1, night 3 or night 7 or on a resupply point. 

Ah what more can I say? Campfare is making super high quality camping meals that are so delicious and so easy to prepare! You gotta try some and tell your friends!! We have grand plans and shooting for the stars, can't wait to see how far our Campfare meals will go...