A Chef in Patagonia - The Genesis of Campfare

So a while back, circa winter of 2009 I found myslef lucky enough to be on a trip to Chile, South America with three friends on a fly fishing, trekking, camping sojourn. We were setting out to truly explore the wilds of Patagonian Chile on our own without guides or the luxury of lodges. We were young and on a mission to find the best fishing we could on the continent. What a trip, what a time, the whole experience I will never forget and I believe that everybody should do something like this at some point in their lives. Pushing yourself, pushing the limits to explore and rely on yourself and your friends in ways you can't anticipate before the trip. 

Being a chef, I was quite naturally tasked with being responsible for the food and most cooking for our small group. After managing kitchens for years this didn't seem like it would be much of a challenge but once I got in the weeds and had to plan 1-2 week meal plans while camping, it became clear how much of a challenge this was going to be. We did not have refrigeration and could only stand eating freshly caught trout for maybe 4-5 nights in a row. I needed to come up with ingredients which would last and still satisfy our hungry crew. This would prove to be the genesis of Campfare fully hydrated, ready to eat meals! I thought there must be a better way to easily have a great meal which is ready to eat and shelf stable (no refrigeration) that you would actually want to eat. Our group wasn't keen on freeze dried meals and def not military MREs. If I had had Campfare available to me at that point it would have served as the workhorse of our trips meals. Delicious ready to eat meals free of preservatives, fillers and chemicals and so much tastier than freeze dried or dehydrated meals!! Camping food you actually want to eat. 

So for breakfast there was sautéed eggs and salami, fresh bread for a week or so and fruit and produce. Maybe sliced tomatoes or an orange. For lunches we had charcuterie sandwhiches with hard salami and cheeses. 'Mostaza' or mustard. More fruit. Some tortillas and tortilla chips on the side.  Most dinners we rigged up some rice and fresh trout, some pastas with jarred sauces. But what I really needed was Campfare camping meals!