Convenient Meals for RV and Van Life

RV life offers many opportunities for fun and adventure. One of the biggest challenges RV lovers face is the problem of how to create nutritious meals without taking up all the available space in the RV. Here are some tips from CampFare for your next road trip adventure, whether you’re car camping or traveling by van or RV.

Meals and Life on the Road

When traveling by RV or car camping, it is important to keep several things in mind.Finding decent food while on the road can sometimes be challenging. You should also keep in mind that space will be at a premium and there may be times when electricity and water aren’t consistently available. If you’re camping in a remote area, you may not be able to travel into a nearby town on a daily basis to replenish supplies, so you’ll want to have something with you –even if you’re staying in a small van or an RV without a lot of extra room.

Depending on where you’re traveling, you may find that there aren’t always restaurants, grocery stores, or other options for meals available. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve packed enough supplies to make your own meals when mealtime hits.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

If you’re cooking your own meals, you’ll need to have pots, pans, and an assortment of dishware or paper product son hand. You’ll also want to make sure you have food staples like canned goods, spices, and sauces. RVs are generally not known for their sprawling counter space and cars and vans have absolutely none, so preparing a home-cooked meal could prove cumbersome.

Convenient Meals for RV Life and Van or Car Camping

Delicious Premium Meals from CampFare can be prepared quickly and without the need for bulky cookware. Shelf-stable meals like those offered by CampFare are ready to eat and require only a pan of water for heating the pouch and a fork or spoon for eating the food. There is no need to add water and refrigeration is not needed, making them perfect not only for the RV life but for van or car camping too.

Our meals are excellent for road trips and extended camp outs or over-the-road travel. It helps when you can just heat up a meal pouch, open it,and then dig in. Best of all, there’s no clean-up required with CampFare! Cleaning up after cooking can be a real pain in an RV, and even more so in a car or a van. CampFare removes the need for clean-up.

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