Chef Made. Portable. Delicious.

CampFare Premium Meals offers a variety of convenient, easy-to-prepare dinners in heat-and-go pouches. Shelf-stable and perfect for the campsite, minimally processed and made from the finest ingredients, Camp Fare is ready to eat straight from the pouch. No need to add waterjust heat, eat, and go! Camp Fare is designed to power an active lifestyle with no need for refrigeration.

Camp Cuisine on Another Level

CampFare Premium Meals are never freeze-dried. These high-quality gourmet camping dinners are easy to prepare. Simply submerge the pouch in hot water for 2-3 minutes, tear open the pouch and enjoy. No need to add water or stir. Just heat and eat. Meals can also be prepared in a microwave by removing the contents from the pouch, or on a stovetop if preferred.

From the CampFare test kitchen to your campsite, our gourmet camping meals are made from the finest ingredients and curated by experienced Executive Chef, Andrew Sarda. An outdoorsman and world traveler, Sarda leveraged his experience as a culinary director to create this line of fine gourmet camping cuisine for the outdoors.

About Our Camp Cuisine

CampFare Premium Meals have a shelf life of four years or more and are sold in 10-packs, 3-packs,or individual packs. We have great dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala with French Green Lentils, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Beef Burgundy with Field Vegetables, and Brown Rice & Red Quinoa with Pink Beans.

CampFare Premium Meals are packaged in a multi-layer pouch and pressure cooked to render everything shelf-stable with no chemicals or preservatives. All of our gourmet camping meals are naturally gluten-free, however, they are not prepared in a gluten-free facility. Buy them at stores across the United States. We also offer convenient online ordering, with free shipping on orders over $49.

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