CampFare Does New Zealand - Great Walk

Campfare found itself in New Zealand with us on one of the Great Walks called the Routeburn. Man was it a beautiful backpacking trip and such a great place to try out our gourmet camping meals!! I have memories of rainbow laden waterfalls where the rainbows seem to just hang in the air right in front of you as they danced in the mists and the bright sunlight. Vast vistas of snow-capped mountain ranges with a distant lake just visible and a winding river far below.  

Each evening we would tent camp at designated sites where there would be an area to prepare your dinner. The other campers would invariably be around near dinner time and we were able to show off our brand new Campfare products. Most were eating the New Zealand equivalent to Mountain House Freeze dried meals or similar and were extremely interested in what we were eating! Since Campfare is a fully hydrated meal and you prepare it by heating the pouch in hot water it was easy to tell that we had something unique. While the pouch was heating in the hot water, I would trim zucchinis and scallions and quickly blanch them in the water to serve with the Chicken Tikka Masala dinner. Then I would grill naan over the camp stove flame and serve with along with a drizzle of olive oil and Maldon salt I had in a baggie. So Delish. 

After sharing a table with the same hikers night after night we eventually had to share with them some extra samples we had on hand, it was the only kind thing to do. Made some friends on the Routeburn for sure. I would highly recommend this great walk!!